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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s covered in a typical home insurance policy?

A typical home insurance policy covers your home, other property structures (like a shed or fence), most of your standard possessions, and liability (if someone is hurt on your property). OpenHouse covers those things, too. What isn’t typical is the option to adjust those coverages as you see fit. That’s where we’re different.

How much insurance do I need?

The answer is different for everyone because the cost to replace your home and belongings is unique. Replacement costs depend on factors like the size of your home, construction costs where you live, house materials, roof type, other property structures and more. When you start building your policy, we use your address and ask you some questions to offer a few quote options with recommended coverages. Once you pick the best option for you, you can further adjust your coverages as you please (we’ll offer advice along the way if you do).

What’s a deductible, and what are my options?

Your deductible is the part of the repair that you’re responsible for. For example, if your covered claim is for $5000 and your deductible is $1000, you’ll have to pay $1000 before insurance can kick in. Like with many of our coverages, we let you customize your deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium.

What’s a hurricane deductible?

A hurricane deductible works the same as other deductibles, but it applies only when the cause of your loss is due to a hurricane event.

What’s your smart deductible?

Our OpenHouse Smart Deductible allows you to earn a growing amount of cash back on your hurricane deductible. If you have a hurricane claim in your first year of OpenHouse insurance that meets or exceeds your hurricane deductible, we’ll give you up to 5% cash back. But it gets better. Your savings grow each year that passes without a claim on your policy. After 5 claim-free years, your OpenHouse Smart Deductible will give you up to 100% cash back on your hurricane deductible on a covered hurricane claim (as subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Smart Deductible policy).

What is liability protection?

Liability coverage is what applies if your actions, negligence, or neglect result in injury or property damage and someone files a claim against you. Your policy covers the cost of damages and legal fees (as subject to the Terms and Conditions of the policy).

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