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Build-your-own insurance for the modern homeowner

Build your policy by choosing the coverage you want to pay for. Then, get insured instantly, or move on. It’s that easy.

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Earn lifestyle

Get rewarded for your awesome life choices, like owning a pet or donating blood. Your quote goes down with every reward that applies to you.

Choose what
you pay

Only pay for the coverage you want, and never pay for what you don’t have. We explain everything, so you make smart choices without compromising.

Get insured
in minutes

Insure your home as soon as you’re ready. You can build your policy and pay online, all in one sitting. You can even get insured over lunch if you want to!

Rake in rewards
for being you.

Whether it’s an early trip to the gym or spoiling your pet, OpenHouse Home Insurance rewards you for the everyday choices that make you who you are. With over 25 available lifestyle rewards to reduce your insurance costs, there’s even more reason to celebrate being you.

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